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The Step Two Policy Project is a policy think tank that focuses on issues involving health, behavioral health, and human services in New York. We strive to accelerate the adoption of good ideas.

The Step Two Policy Project Launches the Spotlight Series: 
Draws Attention to Healthcare Providers who are Innovating with Data to Achieve Better Outcomes 

May 20, 2024

As New York works to evolve its infrastructure for health data and information, there are providers and health-related organizations that are moving ahead, focused on the individuals and populations they work with, to innovate with data and information. Whether clinical, encounter, social needs, or insurance data, these providers are developing solutions to address their specific care and care management challenges; and they are addressing their long-standing barriers to accessing meaningful data that impacts the care of the individuals and populations they serve. With the Spotlight series as part of our focus on health data and information, the Step Two Policy Project will be drawing attention to the innovative work of these providers and health-related organizations, and to the outcomes they are achieving.

Our first Spotlight, posted today, focuses on Advanced Health Network and Recovery Health Solutions (AHN/RHS), operating in affiliation. AHN/RHS is an independent practice association (IPA) and behavioral health network that comprises 46 New York State licensed agencies that provide comprehensive community-based services to individuals and families throughout New York City and Nassau and Suffolk counties. With partners, AHN/RHS developed a suite of data analytical tools that identify patterns, trends, and insights to inform care delivery interventions and support providers and patients. Following implementation, providers saw increases in patient outreach, follow-up after ED visits, patient engagement, and patient satisfaction. They also saw decreases in 30-day emergency department readmissions. To read the full Spotlight, click here.


Sally Dreslin

Executive Director, the Step Two Policy Project

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