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New York State Healthcare Costs and Affordability

Step Two customized template slides, available through the Peterson-Milbank Program resources described below, to a New York State-specific context. 

Peterson-Milbank Program for Sustainable Health Care Costs

The Peterson-Milbank Program, in partnership with Manatt Health and Burness, published a suite of resources to support states in accessing and analyzing various healthcare data resources.


Maximizing Federal Healthcare Shortage Designations for People with IDD

Step Two developed slides as a complement to the Policy Brief of the same name, in collaboration with the Center for Health Workforce Studies, on how to leverage federal healthcare shortage designations to increase access to care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York.

front slide_max. fed. hc shortage des. deck.png

Data Comparison Crosswalk and Information Comparison Crosswalk

Step Two developed two crosswalks to accompany its first Policy Brief, Democratization of Health Data, Information, and Policy Analysis. One, an Excel workbook, includes an examination of data sources publicly available in Massachusetts and New York, an overview of the accessibility of health data types available through various sources in NY, and a glossary. The other, a PDF, includes a crosswalk of the health information that is publicly available in the two states.

View these resources by clicking on the Excel and PDF icons
Data Comparison Crosswalk.jpg
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